OMG….I’m Tired.

Kay so… I’m tired. I’ve been up all night. and now it’s 4:14am and I need to sleep before I look like a crack head tomorrow….or today. lmao

That was my dad" … "Eww
Brittany taylor and Shane Dawson

Thinking About my birthday…

I’m just thinking about my birthday because I’m turning sixteen! yay. it’s like 8 months away but I need to like plan from now because, I want it to be super special and fun and amazing. I just want it to be something I’ll always remember, because your only sixteen once. Sweet Sixteen. Ugh I want it to be beyond my dreams, just amazing. Oh well, hopefully it will all come threw in the end, and hopefully all my wishes come true too! Anyways, I’m off to bed. night. 

We Entered A MTV Contest!

So, me and my friends entered in and audition for a chance to win a reality show. And We HOPE WE WIN. So yeah. Support is totally great and uhm. I know I have no Followers but still. Just wanna get my point out there!

I’ve Had Enough

I hate her. I’ve always hated her that fucking little bitch. and the worst part is that she always wins. EVERY FUCKING TIME. That stupid little fucking rodent whore. I can’t help but just rant about her because I’ve had enough. I don’t care and I don’t understand why you all like her. SHES NOT A FUCKING ANGEL AND YOU ALL NEED TO STOP ACTING LIKE SHE IS! Shes an annoying little contridicting BITCH. And I fucking hate her.Yes fine go ahead! Strip me of all I have! My friends, my dreams, my simple happiness. I can never forgive you, you little fucking slut. And even after I’ve written all this about you and let everyone fucking know what kind of a back stabbing, preaching, fake little BITCH you are, they’ll all still turn on me. How rude, they’ll say. Your so heartless, they’ll say. And then they’ll prove me right. That EVERY, SINGLE FUCKING TIME, SHE WINS! She always…fucking…wins. I hope shes happy. and I hope everyone else is happy. ‘Cause I’m done. And I’ve clearly had enough. 

A Word of Advice

Okay, so if your anything like me, when you don’t like someone, you DON’T LIKE ‘EM! End of story. So if you ever think twice about your hate towards someone, and your like oh maybe I’m a bit harsh or what not. IGNORE IT! YOU’LL ONLY REVEAL TO YOURSELF EXACTLY WHY YOU FUCKING HATE THAT STUPID PIECE OF FUCKING ANNOYING SHIT IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE!!!!!!!!!!! So, don’t do it. It’s better off you just ignore them, and move on with life as if they never existed.*Sigh* Please if your anything like me , do. yourself. a favor. Keep your distance, and shut your mouth, and nobody with get hurt.

Holy Cow

holy crap man. I have soo much shit to do this week. 3 assignments. Pop quiz tomorrow. math test tomorrow. I have to finish reading a AR book before we start reading stupid princess bride. And my uncertainty with Vidcon is driving me insane! Honestly dude… I need a drink. Oh and I love how I have a blog and no one reads it except for my friend. Sad days man. Times are rough.

Ugh I wish I was a millionaire soo fricken bad!

Ugh I wish I was a millionaire soo fricken bad!

I Remember

I remember when I said I love you. I remember when I told him not to say it back until he meant it. I remember 6 months after he said I love you. I remember being really happy. I remember feeling really sad. I remember being excited, anrgy, insulted, complemented, reassured. I remember it ending. I remember me crying. I remember him swearing. I remember it all. So why is it that I’d want it all back in a flash. Maybe hes changed I say. Maybe hes better…. everythings maybe. And yet again Maybe is never enough.

Don’t you just hate it when…

You plan to do something or go somewhere then something goes wrong and you can’t go anymore. Then someone else is like oh guess what I’m going here (the place you wanted to go) and your all oh really when? and then go oh friday or something (the day you wanted to go) and then your just like OH I REALLY WANTED TO FUCKING GO BUT I CAN’T NOW! and there like why? and your all CUZ SOMETHING WENT WRONG! and they go oh well.. I’m going with other people so I can’t help you out there. and you go Nah, whatever it’s cool.Like all smooth trying to brush it off. Then they go “oh well now I feel bad.” and your like “It’s whatever… have fun”. and there like “oh okay… well thanks anyways.” and you stay quiet but all the while you know all you wanna say is “OH WOW! WOW WOW WOW! I WANTED TO YOU AND NOW I CANT AND YOU CAN GREAT THATS NICE FOR YOU! GREEEEEAAAT FOR YOU! FUCKING BULLSHIT FOR ME, SO SHUT YOUR STUPID FUCKING IDIOTIC TRAP BEFORE I SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE!!!!! UGH FUCK!” …….yeah, these are the things I wish I could keep to myself….

Have a nice day everyone. Stay safe.